Technology and Communication

A fast moving and rapidly shrinking world. Connected by bits, bytes, wires, wireless connections.Instantaneous communication.Was this possible a few years back ?

It has not only been made possible ,it is entrenched in our lives and it is morphing at a rapid rate.The development of internet, wireless, smart phones and other technological wizardry have made  the impossible, possible.

Earlier, it was the  media which was controlling information dissemination. I still remember how dependent we were on the  state print and audiovisual media for information. And we had to wait for a day to receive news.  For the newspaper to arrive. For the evening news. And we had only certain versions of it. The arrival of Cable television in the 1990s changed things. Cable News network ‘ coverage of the gulf war, brought it into households across the world. The entrance of cable and satellite television significantly decreased the arrival of news and connected the distant parts of the world, more closer together. Viewers could see distant happenings on their TV screens.  So many significant changes in the world was thus televised and spread to distant reaches. Cable TV became addictive ; an inseparable part of daily life.

While developments in audiovisual media were going on, technological developments in IT were proceeding with the development of internet. IE and Netscape. Microsoft domination of IT through Windows and IE. Apple’s development of its iconic brands. Windows. Arrival of Google as a big player on the scene. Google mail and now Chrome. So many small players all gobbled up by the dinosaurs in the business. The mushrooming of the web lead to alternative sources of news besides print and audiovisual media. Online news and communication became the big thingy. Now, one need no longer depend on the conventional media.

And in the midst of all this, communication  technologies are taking on  a more personal shape. Development of Social Media Technologies, as we call it, is drastically changing the way we  communicate. We socialise. We network. Do business. Even build relationships. On Social Media.

Over the next few posts, I would be expressing my thoughts on the importance of Social Media and how are they influencing the way we communicate and even our lives…..

Keep watching..


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