UPA’s Unlimited Political Buffoonery~ What price India pays for coalition politics

As days go by , the Unlimited Buffoonery of UPA  is more and more out on public display. It is high time to change the name of this dilapidated association of parties, ostensibly ruling the country to Unlimited Political Awkwardness.  Besides which, their inability to manage critical situations becomes almost pathetic in its display. Not only do they display ineptitude but they also refuse to accept blame and take responsibility.Rather, they try to throw it on others. Even worse is the fact that their such actions is putting the country and people in a dangerous situation, domestically and globally.

A motley assembly of people, united in their aim to retain power and oblivious to the damage they are doing. Is this the sort of government all Indians want in their country? An assembly which has been given the chance for the second time of governing the country and what have they done with it?

Let us take two recent cases in example. This is leaving aside the long roll call of scams. That is for another post.

One is the presentation of the recent railway budget. The RM Dinesh Trivedi had presented what seemed to be, as per most reports, a very sensible and judicial railway budget, aiming at restoring the health of the railways. It involved a moderate rise in taxes for all passengers of all classes. But owing to the sheer blackmailing tactics exerted by the coalition partner of UPA, Mamta Banerjee, He was compelled to put in  his papers and there was a rollback of the  measures. His crime was he did not follow the TMC’s advice in this matter. Heavy lies the head that wears the crown. Obviously a  tough choice between what you think is the right thing pragmatically and what politics dictates. At the end of the day, politics wins. The question here is for the sake of pandering to the whims of the domestic parties, something which could have benefitted the national railways was scuppered. Ultimately Railways suffers. Mamta and her party, once again displays their totally parochial and self obsessed behavior and why one should never depend on such self serving allies. Whatever respect I had for Mamta as a tough leader, who challenged the might of the commies, have been indelibly dented by her actions. In power, she seems as power hungry and manipulative as others who had been before her.  If UPA had any spine, they should have kicked out such coalition partners. They would have gained in respect amongst people. But who cares? It is only the “chair” that matters.  This is more on Dinesh Trivedi, A man whose style differs from his party >> http://ibnlive.in.com/news/dinesh-trivedi-the-odd-man-out-in-tmc/240394-37-64.ht

The second example is the controversial vote of India against Sri Lanka in the UN. There is more or less a consensus that India (through the UPA’s actions) have compromised their national interest for the sake of appeasement of domestic parties, this time DMK. That DMK has been a long time sympathiser and supporter of LTTE is a well known fact.  But,howsoever one may sympathise with the local SL tamils’ suffering, one cannot forget the fact that they are SL citizens. Their problems have to be sorted out by discussions and negotiations with the SL govt. That is the only way, in  my view.  India can only render humanitarian assistance. We cannot and should not make the terrible mistake of interference in another country’s affairs. Secondly, one cannot forget that whatever be their original aim, LTTE developed into the world’s deadliest terrorist organisation, killing innocents from both sides, killing India’s Rajiv Gandhi, killing and wiping out many of SL’s top leaders, creating a culture of terror and havoc. No human in his or her right senses, would support LTTE. Hatred begets Hatred, Not peace. Indians would and should take note of this. By accepting LTTE and supporters of LTTE, you are accepting terrorism and lose the moral grounds for condemning terrorist attacks in India. Hence by succumbing to DMK’s malicious blackmail, UPA has once again put our moral standing on terrorism in question.  Thirdly, the obvious movers of the vote  against SL were countries which had no hesitation in conducting wars and military operations in other countries in a high handed manner. Hence somewhat hypocritical. Is this what we would like to happen to us? Would we like our country to be overrun with armies of other countries for their benefit, at any time?Fourthly,  in an already threatening security scenario, with unstable neighbours on the west (Pakistan, Afghanistan) and threats of terrorism at a high,  China‘s expanding influence in Nepal, and Sri Lanka, besides Pakistan, this vote would make matters difficult. By doing so, we have literally pushed SL into the arms of China. An abstainment would have been a better decision.

Some say that SL has not done enough and may need to do more, in reparations towards the victims of the war against LTTE. Hence the vote. It may be true. SL being a victim of continuous and terrible terrorist attacks by LTTE, would have been hard put to control its reaction against them. But this is something which can be understood as an inevitable consequence of terrorism. Nothing right or wrong about it.  But India,  being a victim of terrorism, having been attack of countless terrorist attacks, (remember 21/11) and bombings, and even now the subject of numerous threats, be it Maoists or Kashmiri fundamentalists, Islamist groups or right wingers, should have been in a better position to understand this. Sadly, our government seems to be myopic and wholly at the mercy of their coalition partners. And hence, shamefully gives the appearance of not able to protect and manage national interests at all.

Ultimately, The chief point raised here is the dangers of coalition politics. Coalition politics becomes healthy when the partners use it for the benefit of the nation and not for self-interest.  They guide and offer advice on essential matters to the govt. But sadly, as these examples  and there are many more from the past show, Coalition partners are solely and shamelessly focussed on self interest rather than national interest. And the governing UPA is completely abject to this blackmail by its partners. This is a blot on democracy.

What should be the solutions?




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  1. There are times when you want to scream at Manmohan Singh for his nonchalance…
    As for mamta,well,we neednt say nythn!
    You might want to check out one of my posts on her!

  2. We are watching all these sorts of drama due to lack of clear mandates for any party and hence coalition becomes must. With the hunger of Power only for the top leaders/parties, they forget about so called national interest. Also in those case they were made to succumb to the pressure tactics of the allies. The rise of regional parties can be stated for such actions. I’m not saying regional parties are not good,but they are growing because the national parties are not even bothering or not aware of the needs of all the states. Good that these parties taking care of those under their regions. The two incidents presented here wouldn’t have happened if the UPA or more prominently Congress had clear majority! The issue dont solve here. The Congress bowing for regional parties for their support and getting away from other issues like corruption and mis managements. Regional parties are good for region is concerned, but when it comes to national interest they must act accordingly. Moreover Mamatha’s action cannot be stated as wrong,but her way of showing anger by asking PM to call back minister is what matters most. There are reports that Congress was playing in between to make rifts between minister and his party.

    • Showing anger is okay. But blackmailing the national government into submission is wrong. The budget was generally favored to be a good budget and which would have improved the railways. Mamta B is an entirely parochial leader. While it is good to be concerned about your region, you cannot push your agenda at the national level. There are limits. The government compromised on the national level, simply to satisfy the vindictiveness of its ally. That is unacceptable. Whichever be the govt, whoever be the ally.

      At the end of the day, We are India. Not a land of nations. Unfortunately, increasing regionalism is not boding well for the country. We should keep in mind the fate of nations which split up and subsequently the difficulties they faced. National Government must be strong and display exemplary leadership. Unity of India as a whole should be given greater importance , rather than the individual components. It is this regionalism which is proving difficulty in establishing unity. Regionalism should be there but not at the cost of India.

      • I agree.
        I am from kolkata,and believe me people are taking a huge dislike for her,even though she’s carrying on with her brand of regional politics…
        She’s losing the plot.

      • i feel it is a need of adapting to the circumstances. What worked when you were not in power, may not be the same things u need when you are in..

  3. Very insightful post..:) Regional politics and coalition government has cast a doom on our democracy..Gone are the days when just one single party came to power and ruled the whole of our nation.
    Coalition governments in the longer run act in a blackmailing manner..trying to get their demands (Always more beneficiary for their region) and voice their opinions which many a times are hindering / obstructing in ways..for the development of our nation as such..
    Honestly speaking citizens of our country are losing interest in these politicians & their parties..I personally feel that BJP may / will do better as a ruling Govt. at National Level..NDA was much better than the present UPA govt. looking at the number of rise in scams / scandals / inflation / fuel price..God when do we have a respite from all these ?

    Wish for a True National Visionary at the helm of affairs at the Centre..Who will be able to voice his concerns for the Nation with great conviction..without being remote controlled by the ever threatening coalition parties..Some body who will alleviate this menace of Corruption..It is a long list of demands which will be fulfilled only and only if We have an Honest Politician as a Leader at the Centre..and has a huge tribe of such Honest/hardworking politicians who are young and vibrant..ready to sail our Country through all the present crisis..present us with a clean Government..Some innovative ideas which will bring our country back to the path of immense development..alleviate poverty..bring the inflation levels down.
    To be very frank..I prefer the BJP..Am living in a BJP ruled State under the CEO / CMship of Narendra Modi..am totally impressed..not alone me..all gujaratis are..
    NaMo at National Level may / may not happen..But I honestly wish for that day..Somehow I feel he will take our Nation to the highest level of Democracy..A corruption free Nation..Yes He will do that

    Just My personal views..
    Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you for your impassioned views. It is something we are all worried about. The country lacking good, honest leaders.
      🙂 Agree that coalition politics are inescapable. I dont say we should not have but a tough leader should know where to draw the line. How much to allow coalition partners to get away with it. Otherwise they will make governing impossible. While, I am not an UPA fan, in this case, I just feel embarassed at the way they have been treated. So far, nowadays, none of the parties are really covering themselves in glory.

  4. Ramnath Rangaswamy

    The debacle of the Railway Budget will impact India badly. The Indian Railways has already become a bottleneck to the country’s GDP growth. Movement of coal from mines to power plants, movement of goods from and to ports… the list can go on and on…
    Nothing is going to change under UPA’s Unlimited Political Bufoonery!
    Keep writing!

  5. good one. The govt’s thamashas are endless and Aam-admi is paying a huge price for it….. read this piece for more http://bizzareness.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/in-deep-shit/

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