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Twitter conversations brings a lot of insight to ourknowledge and awareness. I am going to selectively highlight interesting  conversations i had in recent times on different topics,in this page. Possibly, the inspiration from these pages, may help in bringing about different posts and writings in the future.

Starting with a recent conversation I had on twitter. Started by my friend. This conversation was about expressions on twitter. Excuse the formatting errors. Next time, Storify would be used for a more neat presentation.

Expression on Twitter: How real are they?

This set of conversations is about expressions on twitter and is it very useful for us to express ourselves so fully on social media.

My friend Ms Superfluous (@MsSuperfluous) made this comment: Someone who’s incapable of hate or love ?

To which I replied: Indifferent?

@MsSuperfluous: But one who’s indifferent should’nt suffer with any guilt or pain, na?

I (@ruminativa) : I am not sure. Firstly, I dont know if being indifferent is a permanent state of mind. If so, then the person should not feel

@MsSuperfluous: Trouble is ..is any state a permanent state, when it comes to emotions? I truly doubt

I: You know, there is a term called phlegmatic mtlb some peopl ewho are ver y indifferent like. Maybe some are like that

@MsSuperfluous: #phlegmatic..haan..got it! but I’d say they r rare species

I: Maybe, some rare cases where emotionally extra stable..most of us are not

@MsSuperfluous: Definitely not.. especially the ones on #twitter #saywhat?

I: #spoton twitter birds are mostly excitable, emotional , with a few reasonable calm ones..but even those show occasional fire

@MsSuperfluous: @spoton Agree 100 % and there are some who might seem all calm but are a ball of fire in real #twitter pure #illusion

I: Which is why, I feel social media is such a boon for those who want  to rant/rave/scream/shriek/cry and so on

@MsS: No doubt

I: I feel more confidence with me and myself

@MsSuperfluous: excellent! ANything that acts as something positive in your life is good

I: Overall beneficual and most real selves are on display

@MsS: on display haan..do you think it is emotionally healthy #koschan

I: I think 50:50

@MsS: I thought the same

I: full expression is good but i feel nowdays to be more tempered or more critical would be better at times

@MsS: really? u think? Dont you end up being more stressed out by others when you are overcritical?

I: Cos when most people may not  100 % understand your thoughts, phir they will make comments and then your placidity goes for a toss

@MsS: Yea..That’s whn you ignore which could be a challenge.

I: this is a microblogging sire. rather than a chat place. should speak freely

@MsS: Place fit for sharing your thoughts w like minded people and having discussions adn debatet too

I: Always i feel a lot of emotional ups and downs here. For some reason, emotionsa re transmitted quite well jere

@MsS: agree 100% sometimes emotions r created here too. This place can stirq uite a few emotions

I: So sometime,s when you ignore, to protect yourself, another challenge another set of issues start

@MsS: absolutely

I: be prepared for unexpected attacks

I: have had quite a good number os experiences here. has helped e to  learn. I try to be less reactive but sometimes i do

@MsS: ya i know wht u mean


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