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Is The IPL sheen wearing off?

Words have been written, spoken, heard,  blogged, tweeted, facebooked, googled about the IPL (indian premier league). So why not a few more?? Bear with me.

I know cricket is the national obsession in India. And IPL has become a super craze since last few seasons.

2010 Indian Premier League

2010 Indian Premier League (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Definitely, for a not so great cricket fan like me, it has definitely made an impact by increasing the interest which I have in the game. Three reasons: Firstly, It is a short form of the game, just 20 overs each session. And for impatient people like me, it is easy on the eye and on the patience.  Secondly, The diversity of players forming part of each of the teams. That is lovely to see. The professionalism. The team spirit. I find, with few exceptions, the overseas players playing their hearts out.  Thirdly: The glamour part of it. I guess this appeals to the average person. Seeing their idols associated with their fav teams. The cheerleaders, who I find very attractive and appealing and nowhere vulgar. In fact, i appreciate them for cheering every six or every wicket. And it is an awesome celebration of the love  for cricket by indians everywhere in the world.

But while there are some pluses, associated this popularisation of a game, Some ugly sides to this has been observed especially in  this season.

First and foremost , the question of whether the exorbitant fees paid to the players have dampened their commitment for the national team.Secondly,  Match fixing rumors. which has always been prevalent but received some confirmation by a sting operation on spot fixing by some IPL players. Some of the matches which have been played for unbelievably low scores and some unbelievable results have been observed.  So, are , we the viewers and fans being taken for a ride?

Then came the Shahrukh Khan -MCA fracas which became ugly and led to the banning of SRK from wankhede stadium for five years? This has undoubtedly led to the exposure of the ugly rivalries and jealousies between persona hidden under the glitz.

On the heels of this incident, came the accusations of molestation against an IPL player. Is the amount of money and fame going to players’ head?

Such concerns are removing the sheen from the IPL glamour slowly.  Do we need to take a step back and think about the advisability of conducting such Competitions, which are breeding vices along with prizes? Or atleast, a way of moderating the Contest such that it does not become solely about oodles of money pumped in or teams buying their way through games or promoting betting?? Where it has stopped becoming cricket and more of business and where a player is a saleable object? Where the young and talented are being taught to play for lucre ? Where it has become more a showing off between business enterprises and superstar personae to display their star power and might?

Where is cricket in all these?




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