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EveTeasing Leads to Dastardly Murder

Seen on the tv or screen, it looks so innocent and comic. But in real, it can have the most devastating consequences. Boy teasing girl for attentions.

I am talking about eve teasing. What was originally thought to be mild and fun, as implied by the name, has taken on monstrous proportions. And the latest and the most shocking and heart breaking has been the case of Keenan Santos  and Reuben Fernandes. Two lives snuffed out by lumpen elements in the most heartless manner for daring to protect girls. From eve-teasers or more accrately, molestors. And the sad fact, in a great metropolis like Mumbai, nobody came to help.

This was something waiting to happen. And yes, it must be happening silently somewhere. Unknown.Where social media has not reached enough for the public to be  made aware of on a second by second basis.

The most positive thing has been  the magnitude of the public outrage generated by this incident.Probably, the doers thought that this incident would die off like so many others, from public memory. And because of obvious political patronage, people would be scared coming from forward.

But what they forgot was the presence of social media, which have helped disseminate information and conveys feelings as never before. Due to the massive protest on social media, like twitter and facebook, The issue was given highlight by prominent national media.This is the link to the interview with the bereaved and friends of the two young souls, Keenan and Reuben on times Now.

It is heartbreaking listening to the accounts. I really salute the spirit, endurance and strength of Mr.Santos. For standing up for his son’s brave act, for the rights of women to move about freely and fearlessly  and for saying that he will support any such things by his other children.

And this incident has burned into my soul.I , who stay away so far, could not help being moved and distressed by this. It has made the spirit stronger to do something and contribute for the sake of such issues.

Even now, as I type, there is a group going around generating public support and petitions to the Chief Minister t o take the most toughest action on the murderers. But what is more important is how can the disgusting attitudes towards women be dealt with and what sort of tough deterrants can be instituted?

Please tune into this group for more updates on this and other relevant updates

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